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ScottyPower 2020-09-17 03:29:25
Arrived quickly in UK from EU via DHL. As suggested it was down to 50% charge to help with longevity of battery included. Very easy to use even with Chinese instructions as on the rear of the device it has the options in simple instruction. Long press on, green lights show charge. Quick short press twice shows red for power settings. I used from 2 to 4 in my testing. Choose your power setting and quick press twice to set it. 1.5 second and contact settings both work on micro usb device and to use this. You need to turn on and short press for each setting and it will show green then 1.5 sec red and so on or just green which means it is in contact mode. As for welding I think it depends on which Nickel strip you use. Even on power 4 setting I could rip strip off with 6 welds easy. But using some more expensive strip I had to use pliers. You get what you pay for with Nickel or plated strip. I tried 0.2mm pure Nickel and it would not hold well at all even on power 4 setting but we already know that as it is only for hobby use and claims only 0.1-0.12mm. You may get away with 0.15mm if pure Nickel. Stay safe friends. Sincere regards, Scott. ✌️🙏✌️
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