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three28is 2017-01-06 23:02:00
As others have said, this works great with the I6. To get this working correctly, I set the toggle on the dongle to "G5-G7 Above", plugged the cable into the port on the backside of the TX, and set the TX to "Student Mode". Make sure to check your control panel's "devices and printers" section to see if a gaming controller is present. To set your I6 in student mode, turn the power switch off and hold the two bottom trim buttons inward, and then proceed to toggle the power on. After it has powered on, release the trim buttons and hold the "OK" button to access the menu. The rest should be straight forward. Note that I have not been able to get the TX to be recognized with the I6 programmer to flash the firmware. If anyone has any luck with that, please comment.
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  • T_G The sim cable and the fw update cable connect to different pins on the i6 socket. There's 4 pins PPM_in, PPM_out, Rx, and Tx plus the shield is ground, The sim cable uses the PPM_ out pin, the f/w update cable uses the Rx\Tx pins. This cable can't be used to update the firmware, but you can use a usb>serial adapter like the CH340G plus Rx\Tx\Gnd jumper wires instead.

    Resposta 2017-02-13 16:44:33
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