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BG415513861 22/01/2021
Arrivato molto veloce, l’ho preso per l’EV200D. Funziona anche da carica batterie!...Unico difetto il portello sforza in chiusura con le pile inserite (foto)
Comentários (3)
  • Alowgo Thatis because you are using button top batteries, when you should be using flat top.
    From the pictures shown it looks like the case holds both sizes. But they must of changed things with out letting people know that only the flat top will fit! NOT TO WORRY, I made the same mistake, thank you Eachine for making changes and not telling us! SHAME ON YOU!!!

    Resposta 16/07/2021
  • BG165717161 Mustbe a battery in consistency because button tops fit perfect!

    Resposta 09/11/2022
  • BG165717161 @Alowgo Thisis not true or does not hold true any longer. Button tops fit PERFECT!

    Resposta 09/11/2022
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