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TuccoBenedicto 2019-07-28 10:58:44
I bought this on KebabFPV recommendation and although its good, it is not amazing. Firstly I feel I should say I have made my own toothpick prior to this and found that one to be better, mainly thanks to its lightness as this is a little overweight imo. The frame itself is good and looks really great especially with the lipo on the top deck, just like a micro 5 inch. The full range antenna gives a good range too and I like the eos2 camera but I know some people don't. Horses for courses and you can never please everyone all the time. I really like the stack with this quad, vtx esc and fc are all very neat and make for a nice stable flyer and the soldering has been done very neatly too, however the one thing I do not like are the motors. I have snapped 2 shafts in one crash and although no crash is "light" I was surprised when it happened. In short, its a nice little quad, but personally I would go down the route of building my own again and keeping it all a lot lighter than this. 10grams lighter in fact, as well as adding some more robust motors.
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