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  • 23/03/2018

    Very nice kit good board easy to solder on it. Not too much small smd parts. Very nice effects. I am very happy with this kit. Its worth the money. ••••••••••••THE BEST INSTRUCTION FOR LED KITS I HAVE GOT FROM CHINA TILL NOW!!!•••••••••••••••••• (I soldererd a total o 16. ) Best Regards.

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  • 27/07/2019

    Der Bausatz ist gut in Deutschland angekommen. Es wäre schön wenn ein Bestückungsplan sowie einer Teile-liste mit bei wäre. Ansonsten ist der fertige Bausatz sehr nett anzuschauen. Ohne Lupe hätte ich den Bausatz aber nicht fertigstellen können. Die Teile sind halt sehr klein.Man sollte schon ein wenig Erfahrung besitzen um ein Positives Ergebniss zu erzielen. Im ganzen gesehen ein gutes Produkt.

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  • 04/02/2018

    Kit includes everything needed plus a few extra LEDs. It does not include an acrylic case. It came well packaged in the mail. Awesome! The LED's are bi-color red / blue which mixes to purple, and are bright. It can fade colors in and out, but lacks fading effects between colors or fading LED's separately (guessing firmware or LED driver related). So it's restricted to those 3 colors (red, blue, purple). LED patterns are still cool enough for such a little cube though! The instructions are OK, but may be a bit hard to understand a couple of places. The LED's stack kind of easily above each other, but it can also be a bit frustrating (take some breaks now and then!). My method was preparing a row of LED's before soldering them to the cube. For the first layer I put a spacer below the PCB between the LED's to get them at an even height. For the SMD parts having a tweezer and a magnifying glass proved invaluable, as well as a good (temperature controlled) soldering iron. One particular unclear instruction was about the USB connector. Something about a pin that wasn't to be soldered? I'm not sure how that would help, as fixing the USB connector there - which one must do anyway - would make the pins contact the PCB board anyway. I soldered them all, works great.

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  • 27/07/2019

    Der Bausatz ist so gut das ich schon insgesamt 4 davon bestellt habe. Besonders schön ist,das schon Verschiedene Muster gespeichert wurden so das es nach dem Aufbau gleich losgehen kann mit den coolen Farbefekten.

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  • 25/01/2016

    These are definitely fun to build and VERY challenging as they contain TINY surface mount components which are very easily ruined if improperly installed or mishandled. For less than $10 they are great for learning, even if you ruin a few, to get one finished. I just used the two kits I wrecked for spare parts for the other three I bought as Christmas gifts (which where HUGE HITS! LOVED GIFTS). I must say this again however. These are not for beginners to electronics. While a little common sense is necessary, Your soldering skills must be up to par. If not good to excellent, don't try a build until they are or you'll burn up components learning. These kits are great but the instruction are in very choppy English, hard to follow and with the difficulty level I've described, not for a real beginner. Practice on a few cheap surface mount soldering kits prior to attempting one of these kits. I have enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot building these! Highly recommended for those with med to advanced skill level in electronics. At least where SMS Soldering is concerned. Be prepared to do some testing before the final solders to avoid mistakes. My alligator clip jumper kit came in very handy to run temp power and ground to LEDs as you add the next level of LEDS to the stack. Lastly, I HIGHLY recommend testing EVRY SINGLE LED before you solder them in. Will save headaches later if on is defective. Would be very difficult to replace an led without ruining the perfect frame of LED lattice construction you worked so hard on during the build. Just take your time and try to follow the very unintuitive instructions. I guess they might be adequate for an electronics pro who knows the ins and outs... But for me, an absolute newb... Quite a challenge and a little frustrating at times. The instructions need to be VASTLY improved. Well, not so much the instructions but the photos of how to build the LED Lattice. I put the bottom row on backward on my first attempt! Didn't see the board was facing a certain direction when I started soldering! lol. As a relative beginner to electronics, I give the kit a 4 out of 5 stars at this time, Five stars IF they improve the instructions for relative newbies! AT LEAST, get clearer images for the LED framework. All in all, a great challenge and a great all around learning experience! P.S. There is a lot of SMS soldering. Surface mount soldering on VERY TINY components! Have a magnifier ready, a bright light and clean work area for the best chance of success!

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  • 11/06/2016

    Reasonably easy to assemble Includes surface mount parts so you need to may need to practice for those Looks great and worked straight away, good selection of modes with reaction to light and sound or stand alone modes or auto running. Powers from USB port for easy powering Nice to have the two colour LED's making 3 possible colours instead of the usual single colour models

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  • 08/02/2021

    A soldagem da placa é algo a ser reduzido, só que os componentes são um pouco pequenos. É uma peça legal e funcionou imediatamente. Eu recomendaria, obrigado.

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  • 25/03/2017

    nice and easy ... it tooks arround 2,5 hours to assembly. The result is nice ... it would be even better if there would be a way to do own patterns on it ;)

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  • 09/11/2021

    Olá, eu comprei isto, mas vem com um manual, e há um link lá, mas não consigo abri-lo. Keukenrolleke

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  • 31/10/2015

    This was my first soldering project. It was very satisfying to see this thing work the first time! When the parts arrived, it scared me when I saw how tiny the SMD components were. But it was actually really easy to solder. I soldered the IC perfectly for my first time! The PCB is laid out well. The instructions is okay enough but could use improvement. There are 1-3 extra parts for most multiple components. There are two capacitive switches: K1 toggles between the preset animations. K2 toggles between music reactive mode, light sensor mode, and static "all LEDs on" mode. The LED is a tri color blue red and purple. I started soldering all the tiny resistors and capacitors first. Then the chip usb and the rest. The usb port was tricky, make sure the pins arent bent before soldering. For the LED pins, You can saddle the outer legs over the lower led when stacking them, this way to ensure a straight and uniform placement. Alligator clips or a soldering helper will help align everything for soldering the LEDs, so a jig isn't required. Tools you might need: +Soldering iron. I used a beveled edge for everything pretty much. +Solder tip cleaner. I used the brass wire thingy and a wet sponge. +0.5mm solder for the SMD parts, and 1mm for the rest. I used 63/37 tin/lead ratio. +Flux. The most important part. I used a rosin based one that's in a syringe. +Solder helper. The magnifying glass is a must too. The alligator clips help align and hold the led pins in place for soldering. +Wire stripper. I think the wires are 22 gauge(red) and 30 gauge (white) solid wires.I used pliers for the 30 gauge since my stripper isn't small enough. +Wire cutting pliers. For cutting the LED legs. +Tweezers. For positioning the tiny SMD components. +A multimeter. For testing shorts or bad solder. I really didn't use it since everything worked well than i realized.

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