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Maier31 27/05/2022
it is good but i don’t know tha controler how much Ah have charge the battery …?
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  • Brandsdropship 12*86ah = 1032wh https://youtu.be/EBjmAeNeDiE look like you Are trying to kill your battery should be above 12v

    Resposta 02/07/2023
  • REXX5000 once the voltage is even a tiny bit over the full battery voltage then it will charge faster the more current you have at your disposal.

    Resposta 25/09/2023
  • REXX5000 the more amps the better. the faster it will charge.

    Resposta 25/09/2023
  • REXX5000 set your multi meter to current. disconnect one of the leads that's charging the battery and and connect one of the meter probes to it and the other to the battery connection it was connected to. you see to check current with a meter you have to check "in series" meaning the current must flow through the meter to get your reading. if you do it the way you would check voltage say. you will create a short circuit. voltage is checked in parallel and current in series.. if your not how I explained it look it up on YouTube. coz you don't want to blow something or your meter by mistake.. I hope this helps you my friend.. plus to find out the amp's of your solar panel. divide the voltage into the watts and you get your amps. and if you multiple voltage and amps you get your watts.

    Resposta 25/09/2023
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