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erberes 15/06/2021
Super fast shipping (EU warehouse), excellent packaging (original one). A small form factor switching mode PSU with lots of power and with excellent functions. The user interface is very intuitive, the supplied manual is hardly ever needed (maybe switching off the annoying beep with long pressing OCP is the only exception). If it's not heavily loaded it's also completely silent (fan is stopped). Some of the good functions: 1) It has hard on/off switch (so no active electronics is powered when switched off). 2) It has output switch (so when powered on it does not immediately outputs voltage, you can adjust first without unplugging). 3) It can work in both CV and CC mode (in which mode it drops voltage till current is decreased to the limit). 4) It has also OCP mode (in which case unlike in CC mode it switches off the output instead of reducing voltage). 5) It has good resolution and 2 memories. 6) It can be SW controlled (USB stick received with SW, I have not tried it). 7) It has USB charging output. 8) Cables (both power and USB) are reasonable length and quality. Being a switching mode PSU it has big spikes in the output though. The RMS value meets the spec, but as we know it tells just a small part of the story. Luckily it seems that the core of this is shared among several other products so slowing down the MOSFETs works also here (2x~33Ohm+2x~47nF, there is video about that if you search). With 27Ohm+47nF I could reduce the RMS from 12.7 to 3.7mV and Pk-Pk from 281.1 to 83mV in a noisy environment so PSU is not the only noise contributor (as there is no free lunch probably it has also slowed down the load response that I don't care). Another issue is that the rotary encoders could be better de-bounced from SW. In short: This is a very good feature packed and powerful PSU that has all relevant functions for a reasonable price and if needed can be modded to be even better (it won't be still a linear PSU though if you look for very low noise output).
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