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Treblig 2019-11-23 04:35:40
Overall, I'm satisfied with this headlamp however it has a few flaws : 1) I could not fit a protected 18650 cell in the battery compartment, only an unprotected 18650 cell fit (no problem I have piles of unprotected cells), the description should mention that. 2) the positive terminal is flat and does not make contact with the 18650 cell. You will have to bent it yourself which isn't difficult to do. I recommend dismantling the battery compartment (4 screws to remove) to properly extract the positive terminal, bend it and put it back. If you try bending the terminal without removing the battery compartment you run the risk to break the (thin) plastic casing. Manufacturer should fix this problem. 3) I strongly suggest you don't try charging the 18650 cell thru the USB plug since there is NO CHARGING nor PROTECTION MODULE in the headband I got. Applying 5V to a 18650 cell is NOT SAFE in any way, it is plain DANGEROUS and can result in a fire. 4) there is no overcharge / over-discharge module so it is up to the user to take care of this. 5) the 4 modes are set by successive presses on the switch which means you must press it a total of 5 times every time you use the headlamp. There is no way to retain the last setting with a long-press or some other means like some 3-4 bucks flash lights do. I wish the manufacturer had taken the useless and dangerous USB plug out and put a better mode-setting chip in the headlamp. Besides these points, the light is bright enough which is its primary function though I have no clue whether it meets the 650 lumens or not, The head band may be a bit too small to be comfortable for larger heads (58+ cm). Overall, and knowing its flaws, it's OK for me.
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  • dremulatormadmax i agree on the not relying on the onboard charging circuit as i have the single cob version, and it charged my unprotected 18650 above 4.20 volts before the green light came on to say it was fully charged

    Resposta 2020-04-07 05:39:40
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