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Treblig 2020-06-07 06:51:58
I have had this unit for a few days only and it has worked flawlessly. I see many comments about this unit being noisy but I have found it rather quiet (of course the air pump is making some noise but not much). Makes me wonder if people actually removed the two screws at the bottom of the unit before switching it on. These screws are ONLY necessary when moving the unit. I checked with a DMM if the unit was properly earthed and it looks OK in this respect. I have not looked inside the unit too see how it is built though. Setting the temperature is damn easy and fast with the potentiometers though muti-turn potentiometers would help setting a precise temperature more easily (but honestly that's no big deal). Both hot air and iron reach the set temperature quickly enough for my hobby needs. I find the hot air and iron switches too close to each other to switch one on or off without looking. The hot air won't stop by itself when put on its holder but I have not found this a major drawback. The iron is a Hihua 907A with a silicon cord, its holder though is not as good looking as the one on the product picture (looks like part of it is 3D printed, that's how rough it is). My regret is Banggood not selling genuine Yihua / WEP iron tips (the knockoff tips are of poor quality) nor does Banggood sale spare parts for the hot air (or they're not referenced for this specific unit) but one can get them from other well know shopping sites. It's the first combined hot air and iron unit I have therefore I don't have prior experience but I find it easy to use and of good value (at least when I bought it as it's now roughly 30 bucks more). Just need to experiment with SMD soldering as I have a few items that need hot air repair. Shipping was supposedly up to 5 days after dispatch but it took twice as long (EU to EU). Overall a good unit for a hobbyist. So far so good as the saying goes. If it lasts it will be an excellent purchase.
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  • roforbs Where do I get the Air gun Heating Elements assemble, I have one of these but the heating coil burnout or just the heating coil.

    Resposta 2020-10-03 16:01:08
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