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Q: I have a Boxford lathe with a 9 inch swing, what size would be best for this?

perguntado por The Fixer sobre 2020-06-05 13:48:23

Dalek87 I have an Enco with 9 inch swing. I'm really happy with the 250 000 It depends on the hight of your cutting tool. Measure the height of the centre of your spindle. Height from the top your comp... Ver mais

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Q: can you use only 2 axis on a 3 axis dro

perguntado por Brian sobre 2020-03-02 15:18:48

Dalek87 Yes. Just plug them in. The one you don't use won't do anyghing. I was lazy. Just used X and Y on my mill. Worked fine. I'll get around to fitting the Z at some point. Yes. Yiu can use any 2 ... Ver mais

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