erberes You have to buy an adapter named SZM CT 1 per 3 (upper diameter 25mm, lower diameter 28mm; make sure that this is also the adapter size that you've received before purchasing anything). Note: I had to use "per' in place of per sign as it's not allowed in the answer. The supplied adapter is 1X, that does not have any lens and thus it provides a huge magnification (narrow field of view) and due to narrow FOV low light (means noise as well even with an excellent C mount camera). Alternatively you can by SZM CT 1 per 2 adapter but that also provides narrower view (and greater magnification). I've tried to buy these adapters here, but after 1 month waiting I gave up. With that adapter the camera is OK (although there are much better AF cameras for example Eakins 5M with Sony IMX178 sensor).

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