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coejoe345 I haven't seen one specifically designed for this radio yet and I kinda like the foam box. Perhaps you could DIY one using the included box as a foam guide and an army surplus ammo can.

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Q: What's its fimi premium care? I don't know

perguntado por Mansotez sobre 2020-11-10 10:14:43

coejoe345 It's basically replacement insurance for specific situations offered in certain areas.

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Q: What is FIMI premium care?

perguntado por pwschultz sobre 2020-09-05 08:26:51

coejoe345 It's an additional insurance or warranty service offered in some regions. It covers damage caused by liquids, impacts, damage caused by the pilot, etc. which entitles you to up to 2 replacements in a year by paying a lesser fee per replacement.

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coejoe345 2020-08-29 23:39:37
Really fun introduction to fpv and quadcopters. I've been having a blast learning about quads and fpv with this kit. The quad is easy to fly and has a bit of zip using the 2S battery. Some tips I've discovered as a complete newb: 1. Make sure you change your rate profile to match the proper battery as per the included warning card (see pic 9). Access the OSD by moving throttle (left stick) to middle + left and pitch (right stick) to up. Using the right stick choose "Profile" by pushing right and then scroll down to "rate prof" and choose 1 or 2 depending on whether you are using a 1S or 2S battery respectively. 2. I found it easier to fly in advanced mode vs beginner mode. This is set from the upper right aux switch, down is beginner mode, middle is intermediate/horizon mode, and up is advanced/acro mode. For me, acro seemed to provide a much better responsiveness and made the quad a bit more predictive in how it would react to the controls. Some potential cons: 1. I wish the flight time was longer, I get about 4 minutes on the 1S and 2 minutes on the 2S. This copter is so much fun fly I'm always wanting to run another battery pack, I can't wait for the backups I ordered to show up. Charging time is also interesting, with the included charger the 1S takes about an hour to charge while the 2S takes about 30 minutes. So you can get roughly 3 flights per hour with just the 2 packs with optimal planning. 2. Wish the radio controller's light was more prominent (see pic 5). It's can be a bit difficult to tell if the radio is turned on and I'm paranoid I'm leaving it on when I'm finished flying. All in all, I'm super happy with the purchase!
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coejoe345 With my 4-port charger the lights are flashing when idle, solid when charging, and turn off when charging complete.

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coejoe345 Power on the controller by holding down the power button for 2 seconds, I think it will beep when it turns on also. Plug in the battery pack to the goggles, out of the box my drone was set to sync on Frequency R Channel 4 Band 5769. You can see how the goggles are setup by looking in the upper left of the screen, try adjusting them to that setup. The goggles also have an auto-scan function you can try: with the drone turned on push the "A" button on the goggles. To arm the drone for flight make sure the throttle is pulled completely down before turning the left AUX switch to the fully up position. Don't forget to change your Rates to the proper battery setting with drone unarmed and before adding throttle and taking flight.

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Q: how do i get in the betaflight osd thru the goggles

perguntado por Tobi sobre 2020-05-27 02:24:37

coejoe345 Throttle mid + yaw left (Left joystick) and pitch up (Right joystick). Use the right stick up and down to move the option selection arrow. Use right and left on the right stick to select and-or adjust values.

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