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BG502556513 You should have something by 30 minutes!! First time can be a while but should not be so long. Recommend checking plug into GPS unit is properly inserted and seated. GPS units are very reliable and lock on fast - however add all the electronics 'noise' and that's the main reason why small drone gps can take longer. The OK on USB but not on Battery sounds like interference from something thats not powered on USB but is on battery, so keep an open mind as it might not be GPS but something else with a fault. One thing that sometimes helps is to twist the wires by taking the plug and twisting it round, (has something to do with cancelling noise out) to the GPS but be careful and gentle as you don't want to pull them off the board. Hope you get it sorted as the Novice 4 is great fun to fly.

2021-07-07 07:53:44 Útil (1)
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