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VandaL Just to update, it's either my unit is bad or these units are just not capable but. I had a Samsung S7 edge wireless quick charging, a Samsung note 9 QC3.0 quick charging. A Anker 20000mah powrbank on the 2.1A port and nothing in the 1A port. Also has the light on. The unit worked flawlessly for about 5mins then shutoff completely. I tried unplugging eveything and cycling power no go. The unit felt hot so I let it cool down got 5mins and it works as normal. Just something to note, it has the ports but you are not able to fully utilize them.

VandaL 16/10/2021
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Q: Will it fit on the GMMK PRO?

perguntado por BG468224747 sobre 2021-04-02 09:04:23

VandaL Yes

2021-10-17 04:25:44 Útil (0)
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