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Freeflight 2019-05-03 01:27:24
The vacuum cleaner takes 13 days to delivery in Italy (shipped from EU warehouse). Put everithing together is a game for kids and there is no need of manual (see photo). Each piece goes fits the other with right tolerance. The vacuum has a motor on the head to move the brush (quite fast rotation). Battery arrives partially charged (about 40% - right) and takes a couple of hours for a complete charge. Only thing is the fourth led in the battery pack that never illuminates, anyway when everithing stops blinking the charge is complete. One thing I appreciated very much is the battery pack that can be cahrged separated from the vacuum body. Moreover the pack is sealed by means of four philips screws, so in case of battery failure you can replace 18650 cells inside maybe with better cells for longer operation (see photo). The first test on my floor with battery charged at 60% show a good cleaning capacity as result from photo after 5 minutes of operation. As soon as you trigger the swithch vacuum starts in low power mode, by pressing the round swithch (not so easy to reach) goes to full power. Low power has limited use since suction power is extremely low while full power has good suction power. I tested on my coach to remoce pet hair and it works. With a full charge you can use for 15 minutes at full power, that are joust enought for a quick clean. I appreciated the moveable head that is very easy to drive between chairs and in small angles, but I should have preferred a wider one. During operation the vacuum is very handy and weight is well balanced, I found very easy to use. To remove the collected dirty you have to open the collector from the bottom with a simple click (maybe this transparent plastic is not so much protected). there is a double filter to protect the motor, should be good if spare filters (diam 75mm) can be orderd. At moment no spares are in catalog, trying to find something similar (maybe dibea?)EU charger seems to be too small and tends to overheat
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Freeflight 2019-09-16 01:06:16
received only 13 days from order. Package was slightly damage but inside everything ok first in house test, everything working. Tested with 3s lipo and 2s liion without differences. Osd menu a little tricky but can manage it. I let run for 30 minutes to check overheating but temperature is normal, used 220mah from a 2s liion. Flight test: First of all, uhau.... Under summer sun at 12 o clock I set brightness to minimum and was enought. Placed a cloverleaf and a high gain helical antenna and take off. You can launch the plane by hands and control LOS by simply flip the bottom mirror, when reach safe altitude swithch to FPV only flipping the mirror. Found this option very useful. Screen is joust enought for FPV, no wonders but works. Placed a phone on my taranis to show the map and was able to look at it and my taranis screen for telemetry without problems. I weared this mask for about 45 minutes and when i land I found myself more confortable than with goggles. Probably if you can see around fatigue is a lot less. I use reading glasses Reception: I went up to 7.5 km away without loosing video link, more or less same as my trusty googles, min RSSI on my directive antenna was around 22 in the worst case. After several flight (about 2 hours) drained 550 mah from battery PRO price Comfort for long time flying you can wear your glasses good video reception Screen brightness overcomes direct sunlight take off and landing in LOS mode you can see other devices (laptop/phone or radio telemetry) CONS no DVR - but I'm working to install no audio - not mandatory but can be useful no place to put a battery - working on a 3D printed pocket soon on thingiverse. I think this Little Pilot will become my preferred FPV google. PS: when back home I realize I forget to remove the transparent from the screen, see my photos!!!!
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