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andriusada 2020-07-09 15:59:30
Hello, I hope this review will help someone like me, who had many questions before buying this. I have 3 main parts in this review - Janobike vs Laotie, performance and build quality. Janobike vs Laotie 🍏🍎 Laotie looks exactly as per pictures and description. It has cool turn signals which are attached via rubber, so are flexible. Signals are also with sliding effect (like new audi) Springs are red ones per pictures as well. Screen is colour one with USB underneath. Seat is also included, but note it has 1 charger as per description. Note, I have not opened battery compartment yet, so don't know which batteries are inside, but so far description / pictures on BG are 100% accurate. Performance 🛴💨💨💨 Freaking insane!!!! There is nothing else to say really, but I will try to expand - It is really really fast. Just look at Pirate video for Janobike, it is that. I do not have what to compare it to, but it is very powerful. I am sure after this one, I wont be able to use any other scooter with same satisfaction. It has eco mode which is manageable, but once you switch to turbo it spins wheels all the time. I could not drive at fastest mode yet. Helmet is a must, be responsible! Build ⭐️ Quality looks very good, nice cherry red colour as well. It is built to last, but do not forget to tighten all screws. Also, it is really big. Pictures and videos don't do justice to size of it. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but be conscious if you have tight space or if you will be able to transport it. All in all it is insanely great scooter. I will be getting spare tire and another charger, in case something goes wrong. Shipping to me was really fast. I booked it on May 25th and got it July 9th. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.
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