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Q: What do the buttons do?

perguntado por danbo98042 sobre 2019-12-02 01:38:43

grivasa I got the watch, it has not vibration.

2020-06-18 02:26:09 Útil (0)
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Gabin_Falcon I have the same issue, I bought both type and the black one is bad, the white one is worse. The black one isn't big enough for the Mi mix 3 and barely see the full screen because of the black frame, there is a cut on the white one for a camera (but there isn't camera on this phone's screen) and also too small.. For the other asker.. I suggest the anti-scratch one...that saved my phone's screen and I regretted to buy this one. Dear Banggood, you do great job, and I don't want to complain and I know it's not your fault.. But please check this product...this isn't fit for the mentioned Xiaomi modell.

2020-01-08 10:37:08 Útil (0)
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