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Martin Banggood is a sales platform and not a manufacturer. Would you blame Walmart or Lidl for offering different brands of peanut butter? Really can't understand your disappointment.

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Q: Does this work with D16 or only with D8?

perguntado por junaidsherif sobre 2020-10-18 07:26:37

Docfpv it's just on D8.

2020-10-18 07:41:53 Útil (0)
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Q: Is it possible to stick Runcam 3S in this mount?

perguntado por Ramunas_B sobre 2018-12-13 08:47:04

Docfpv Well I have the mount that comes with the eachine wizard HV and that mount is made for both gopro session hero 5 and the runcam 3S so I would say yes. ✌

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Q: в наличии?

perguntado por Максим Богушевский sobre 2019-03-20 09:54:29

Docfpv should be.

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