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Q: Someone having the manual? Link is dead...

perguntado por 620ertom sobre 2021-01-19 07:26:22


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Q: Can someone show me how to control it?

perguntado por nhantran1119 sobre 2021-07-05 08:11:27

620ertom It's easy done... Insert the batteries on plane and transmitter. First turn on the remote control (with throttle lever in the lowest position) and then the aircraft. Do the pre-flight test (test of all functions) Select the flight mode (Beginner - Middle - Advanced) and start. Flying itself is relatively easy - but the first landing is something completely different ... For beginners, it is advisable not to mount the landing gear for the first flights and to land the model in the meadow. Tip: Do not fly too fast, at a height of around 10-15m and do not fly too far away. Need further instructions?

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Q: wich mode 1 or mode 2 ???

perguntado por SAADMOURABIT sobre 2021-06-26 02:35:04

620ertom The plane is delivered with a mode 2 (throttle and rudder = left stick | elevator and ailerons = right stick) transmitter.

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Q: o frete é grátis

perguntado por BG502510391 sobre 2021-06-12 08:34:31

620ertom Shipping is not free and depends from which country it will be delivered. Available is China and Czech Republic (at the moment).

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Q: radio mode 1 or mode 2?

perguntado por diamondfish sobre 2021-03-27 09:20:03

620ertom The plane is delivered with a mode 2 (throttle & rudder = left stick | elevator & ailerons = right stick) transmitter.

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620ertom Theservo is delivered with all accessories which can be seen in the pictures.

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Q: What do you mean "wireless"? Marketing only?

perguntado por BohousP sobre 2021-05-03 04:58:15

620ertom "Wireless" only in heading - not in the description. So it's not a specification!

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Q: Is this tube schrader valve? or presta?

perguntado por MikeOG sobre 2019-05-02 09:10:05

620ertom schrader valve

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Q: you have Kenda bycicle inner tube 26×1.95

perguntado por BG445364544 sobre 2020-03-05 05:06:05

620ertom Search for: Bike Inner Tube MTB Inner Tyre 26x1.5 1.75 tire ID: 66669

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Q: Is it compatible with suunto smart sensor ?

perguntado por BG123222416 sobre 2021-04-25 03:30:46

620ertom Can be used with any kind of heart rate monitors that are using this kind of push buttons. (Like: Runtastic, Blueberry, Moofit, Polar, Taope etc.)

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