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John-Glammis The instructions are a bit incorrect. P2 would be what you need for 24V (e.g. 2 lead acid batteries). I use P4 for 48V.

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Q: What are the 15 values in ohms?

perguntado por John-Glammis sobre 2020-10-02 06:27:10
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PaulVdB I'm sorry, I never measured it. But I guess that is very little (<1mA). I use it in a solar system and don"t see a difference (in mA) when it's connected or not.

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Q: Is the power supply centre post positive or negative?

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Secern Sorry I don't understand what you mean.

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rupe01 He is asking what is the current used when it has NO LOAD?

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John-Glammis It is in Thai. It says: Good product, but it is recommended to buy 1602LCD Display I2C module more. Https://

KKEENNGG 09/10/2017
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