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Q: dose have rssi

perguntado por bass123 sobre 2018-12-18 09:07:02

genivos CockroachFPV .. that's not an option when you have a Nirvana, lol. Furthermore its' not really a good idea to have the TX side deal RSSI for OSD, let's say. Better have a mod on the RX side but I'm guessing there's no mod yet. I have modded ia6C, X6b receivers through flashing custom firmware. That way, the RX injects RSSI into an AUX channel and doesn't depend on a re-transmission from the TX.

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Tjb4764 Camera model: Foxeer Falkor (Full size), Flight controller model: Airbot Omnibus F4 Fireworks v2 (OMNIBUSF4SW), Firmware version: Betaflight 3.5.1, Pad label: Camera Control, resource CAMERA_CONTROL 1 B09, camera_control_mode = default (HARDWARE_PWM), camera_control_ref_voltage = default, camera_control_key_delay = default, camera_control_internal_resistance = default, Additional comments: OSD pin camera -> camera control pad FC / GND pin -> GND FC, no additional caps or resistors needed

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genivos There's one wire on the FC (blue) awful close connected to the top most ESC wire. That ESC power wire has a pretty big goop. Not sure if that caused a short, difficult to see on the pic .. it's just awful close.

nbtran1975 2018-06-25 14:19:06
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