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Q: on what current does it run how much A's?

perguntado por BG361501965 sobre 2021-11-04 05:47:55

BG159101320 The question was posed incorrectly. Open a physics textbook.)) this device works from any socket 100-130 Volts, 220-240 Volts

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Q: this product is concerningly cheap why is it

perguntado por Amitpradhan11 sobre 2021-07-28 08:12:56

BG159101320 If you are not satisfied with the low price, I can ask you to make it a little more especially for you.

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Q: Como lo envias a Chile?. A traves de cual empresa llega a Chile?

perguntado por moorejohnwilly sobre 2019-11-16 07:38:48

BG159101320 Puede ver los detalles completos haciendo clic en la flecha junto a la entrega.

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