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Q: Hello, just received my Power Bank and I think, i got a faulty one. First of all, when I received the power bank, it was completly empty, no lights turned on when I pressed the button. Then, when I was charging it, the lights eventually turned on. I was charging it for 30 minutes and then checked if it charges my phone. When connected to my phone (Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) it started charging, but only for couple of seconds and then the power bank went off again and was empty. I'm charging the power bank with a 33W Xiaomi charger, but since the input of the power bank can not accept 11V 3A which gives 33W, it was only charging at 27W (9V 3A). I then left the power bank charging and it came to 75% after 7 hours of charging on 27W, but is not reaching full charge. First time, when I charged the power bank, it was cahrging for 12 hours and the LED 4 was still blinking. I then tested it and charged two 10.000mAh Mi power banks, one after the other and got 1 completely full and another around 10% full, till the 20.000mAh was empty and these were 7 years old power banks. I then again charged it over night for like 16 hours and it still didn't fully charge (the LED 4 was still blinking). I then again discharged it and tried to charge it with a Samsung 25W fast charger and I charged it for 10 hours and stopped since the LED 4 was still blinking. Also, I should mention, that the build quality or QC is not good. Mine had already scratches and all the USB ports are at an angle and not straight. Anyone else had any of those problems? Thanks.

perguntado por UFOking sobre 2022-03-05 05:32:19
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