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BG573254116 καλησπέρα. τώρα το είδα άρα μάλλον δεν σε πρόλαβα. όπως και να έχει είμαι 180 και 83kg. sorry

BG573254116 17/11/2021
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Q: I am 1,80m tall and 82kg. which size should i buy;;;

perguntado por BG573254116 sobre 2020-12-09 12:08:47

Quenelle It may be 5xl, you'd better measure the dimensions of your body and compare with the size chart

2020-12-10 04:15:03 Útil (0)
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Q: My height is 1.80 and my weight is 80kg. xl is ok or 2xl is the right size for me?

perguntado por BG573254116 sobre 2020-10-19 02:30:19

The seller friend ,you need to buy 4XL size

2020-10-20 06:41:14 Útil (0)
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