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Q: Does it work with Samsung Smartthings?

perguntado por Livingrass sobre 2020-11-09 12:15:53

djearthquake Of course it can. But i don't know if there are any program written for it. But that can't be so hard to accomplish.

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Q: Does it work with SmartThings?

perguntado por LM12345 sobre 2021-02-11 02:47:24

djearthquake Of course it can. But i don't know if anyone have written a program for it though.

2021-10-23 06:59:01 Útil (0)
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Q: A dejado de funciona los avisos por detección de movimiento, que puedo hacer?

perguntado por BG185411181 sobre 2021-10-10 04:06:15

djearthquake Look in your cameras in app settings that you have installed on your device ex, Mobile. So that you still have Motion detection running. If so: Take a look in settings on your device so that you haven't blocked the app from anything for example: Always running in the background, Location etc etc. If you can't find anything wrong. And can't get it to work. My advice would be to factory reset the camera. And either clear all the cache for the camera app. Or the best thing Uninstall and install it. And start from scratch. Then it almost certain will work.

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Q: Hi what app does it use v380 or ICSee thanks CJ South Africa

perguntado por CJ31942 sobre 2021-04-14 01:50:54

djearthquake ICSee, But XMEye should work as well. As a few more apps if you in some way don't like the ICSee app interface.

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Q: Can I decorate it outside of my house in winter time?

perguntado por BG213216140 sobre 2021-05-13 03:45:30

djearthquake Only inside. But as always the F#@\%]&$ Sales pictures are missleading. They cant light up in 4 colours at the same time in ¼. As pictures show. And in the most of the pictures. they are coated as they are when they are IP65 graded. So i can understand why you ask that question. And to the sales representative of this product. CHANGE THE PICTURES. it's ABSOLUTELY FALSE ADVERTISMENT. And it's tricking customers to buy a thing that's wrong for them. AND THIS IS INTENDED. Theres no oops wrong pictures!!

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djearthquake 64 is better to have in HDD cache. Regarding the RPM. If you choose something similar as i have suggested below. Then you probably would find that most of them spinning in 5400RPM. More is just a faster teardown to the disk. And probably would make its lifespan much smaller. And choose a hard drive that is built to stand a 24-7 uptime with continuous being written to. I suggest a WD Purple or another similar if the brand doesn't suites you. Or a real Enterprise drive. But those are quite more expensive. And the right WD Red probably would hold on for a long time. But i don't dare running them in any of my own Servers. The only time i buy them are if a customer are nagging to me that he want for say 24 brand new ones in a Enterprise Server that i am opting out and installing. The same with an NVR for example.

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