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mmishko You'll never get anything else, because Banggood deliberately misleads customers. Check Model part and package contents under specifications. And there's no model selector or anything else except the number at the end of the product name. Also, even if this distinction made any sense, who would want to buy a single stopper for $2,99 when you can get two stoppers and the pump for $3,99. I hope you only ordered one or two, I have ordered 74 pumps, and got 74 stoppers. Also check the product link in your order details, mine leads to model 3 but they still insist I have ordered Model1. This kind of fraud maybe wouldn't be so shocking if done by some individual on Ebay but after spending thousands on Banggood, it just makes me sad. So, my advice is, only order on Banggood what you can afford to lose.

2018-11-26 05:21:39 Útil (0)
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BG412421735 2018-11-22 05:59:50
I'm obviously not the only one who fell for Banggood's misleading product description. I have ordered 74 pumps and only got 74 rubber stoppers. Only today they had added the red text in the description, but even if it was there all the time, that offer is ridiculous! How can one stopper alone cost $2,99 and the pump with two stoppers $3,99 ? This is an obvious fraud, and on both links the pump is clearly depicted. I have bought hundreds of pumps of the same type elsewhere, and the price was always around $2,50 for the pump with two stoppers . I have paid $197,00 for what expected to be 74 pumps and 148 rubber stoppers, but only got 74 stoppers, and an invoice for $78,44 as teh one stopper has the price of $1,06 ???? And the customer support says there's no mistake at all, because I have chosen mode1 . Even if that was true, the difference between my payment and the invoice enclosed is $118,56 . Does anyone have experience with such a fraud here, and is there any authority where the customer can claim his/her money they have stolen? I don't know why there isn't an option for negative feedback. If I could rate this -10, it would still be too favorable. Banggood is a bunch of thieves, I am buying from them for more than 5 years, and.I have spent a good amount of money, still every time they make a mistake they fight tooth and nail to keep what they have stolen, no matter how strong the evidence against them is. My advice is, only buy from them if you have to, and only for the sums you can afford to lose, as they will use any opportunity to screw you. I'm attaching the copies of my order and the invoice, so you can be judges if this makes any sense at all. Miso
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