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BG504734131 28/07/2021
After buying the a959, I thought I would give this buggy a try. I managed to get this at a really good flash deal price and all I can say is.. wow! I can't believe the value for dollar of this buggy for what you get. Mine did come with 2 matching stock LiPo batteries contrary to some of the other reviews. I do have to say I like the transmitter that comes with the a959 better, but this one still works perfectly fine. One shock was leaky out of the box, but not a major problem. Compared to 9X9, this is a real step up. It's very hobby grade and there's really nothing you need to upgrade immediately. The motor it comes with is more than ample and the battery run time is accurate. I got a run time of 7 minutes on my first battery, but the voltage cutoff left one cell at 2.98v, so you'll want to be careful how long you run it. The very first thing I did based on the other reviews and YouTube videos was take the diffs apart. Mine Did have grease even inside the cups, so this may be something that's been addressed at the factory since those reviews. I removed it and replaced it with a heavier amount of automotive grease since I'd already taken them apart. With the exception of the one leaky shock, the amount and weight of oil seemed fine after a little threading adjustment. All in all I have to say I'm very impressed at this price point and if you're new to the hobby, I would highly encourage this buggy. The extra money is worth it over 9X9. WLToys is really becoming a good competitor in the RC market and even the packaging is becoming hobby grade. Thanks Banggood!
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BG504734131@BG915501539 The stock 390 motor will not go that fast, no. The upgrade 500 series motor version will go 70km on tarmac.

BG504734131 14/06/2021
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WillianFNeves o rádio transmissor já vem configurado para operar o helicóptero.

2021-07-17 11:58:09 Útil (0)
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BG504734131 Looks great! Were the body post holes a perfect fit?

C1315 13/04/2021
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