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Q: When single color White will be available?

perguntado por drsalunkhe sobre 2019-11-16 03:04:18

huangliyu1 it's sold out

2019-11-25 03:42:26 Útil (1)
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Q: I want 4 pieces of single color in white. Is it available?

perguntado por drsalunkhe sobre 2019-10-24 03:53:48

Leviatan Credotu debba prendere un alto modello

2020-06-28 04:54:00 Útil (0)
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Q: tem como adicionar duas baterias? quanto ficaria com as baterias?

perguntado por Osvaldo F. Testoni sobre 2019-08-30 03:57:09

BG455361790 There is provision for two batteries but both batteries are required by bell itself. Batteries last on the recording situation and battery capacity. More recordings less battery life. Normally it (3100 mah) lasts one week.

2020-05-28 11:23:43 Útil (0)
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tepetidis I don’t have a recording cycle because it’s a hidden camera and it’s turned on and off, and yes, the memory card will have to be bought separately and inserted inside.

2020-04-30 11:21:53 Útil (0)
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Q: What is the inflation mechanism? What does it need?

perguntado por BG455361790 sobre 2020-02-25 12:32:45

Vance air. You need a pump. Any type of pump is fine.

2020-03-04 08:41:59 Útil (0)
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