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BG521817555 The Fonson Upgraded version is not the same as the set reviewed by Hooked on wood. The version I received has the proper calibration marks on the top scale and also has the side marks for thin rips. Also, the reviewed version scales started at zero, not accounting for the width of the track. The upgraded version scale compensates for the width of your track. These guides calibrated perfectly for me, using the calibration marks. I remove and install sections based on my projects, and my cuts are still dead on with one calibration.

2022-02-21 10:38:30 Útil (0)
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Joshua After a week of back and forth with Banggood, there is still no resolution. I requested a replacement square hoping the new one would be 90°. I was not offered a replacement but $8 credit instead. I refused, considering I paid $36 for a square that doesn't do the one thing it is designed for, be a square. I asked for a replacement again and was offered $25. I refused again and asked for a complete refund...again. No response and no resolution. Their site states, No Reason Returns. This return/replacement is for a clear reason yet I cannot get it replaced. Very annoying experience thus far, dealing with customer service.

Joshua 03/02/2022
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