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Q: Is it TUYA and/or Home Assistant compatible?

perguntado por paris sobre 2019-12-13 08:36:09

DRAKKARSOUL sirve con Alexa y Google Home, con TUYA no funciona

2021-09-18 01:06:23 Útil (1)
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paris I am Disappointed by the fact that its screen broke so easily, although it was supposed to be a "Ultra Rugged" smartphone compliant with military standards (!). Till now it appears, that there is no reasonable resolution proposed by banggood service ...

paris 24/09/2021
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Q: battery not charging. What can I do?

perguntado por paris sobre 2019-10-07 04:04:24

D3monan Glory please contact banggood customer service team,thank you.

2019-10-11 01:17:57 Útil (1)
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