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aandrei 25/01/2021
ordered 28dec2020, received 20jan2021 - pleased with 16 workdays delivery time, plastic bag'aging was acceptably good with no significant damage to the actual box inside. the vfd unit was snugly contained/protected in the usual urethane foam. the vfd feels sturdy and solid, knob and buttons works fine and the mains connectors are of acceptable quality. i can find no fault with the housing and everything seems to fit well together. after much youtubing i took the plunge and connected a quite ancient 3phase 380 volt GEC induction motor with only 4 connector points (of which one is unconnected) plus earth to the vfd. previously it was connected to run off single phase 220V so no specific direction and with very feeble start torque. back to the vfd, if anything, perhaps there could've been a bridged connector for the 2 earth wires since documentations states to combine the earths from motor and input power so it may become a bit crampy on that one connection point. anyway, no smoke, no sparks and the motor spun to life when i turned the adjuster knob to increase speed/frequency. tweaked some parameters, ran forwards and reverse, applied braking - overall i'm chuffed, i need to figure out for more torque at low rpm. also i'm not sure if i should/could crank up the p00 parameter (max volts) to 380volts instead of the current setting of 220. will upload some images at later stage, i have other items to check out still too. my first banggood order and product experience is well above expectation and i will recommend banggood and/or products with an open heart. i've allready started filling my next shopping cart.
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