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Jaka57 Same in my case, the remote controller is not the same as in picture on banggood site. If you want to display time only press "1", for the date only press "2" . I don't know what is PP, but the other part is 33.0 Celsius. If you switch to Fahrenheit then it will show 91 4 F, without PP.

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Q: Hello, you can send the wiring diagram for this watch

perguntado por Ivan86 sobre 2019-10-03 02:19:07

Jaka57 I can't post link to schematic diagram. Just google it "IV11 TH SCHEMATIC" .

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Jaka57 Yes, I've got 3 A473J (47k) and 3 A103J (10k) and I've soldered all A103J. Anyhow It should work with mixed resistors, because this resistors are conected from anode (segment) to +27V and grid is connected to +27V through 470E. So each 2803 open collector output will drain cca. 2.7mA.

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Jaka57 Did you check Video and Picture resolution, analog Video output and other functionality of device?

suveer1103 2018-09-24 04:02:11
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