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Augustin Used to be there. I installed it from Playstore. I guess Google removed it .... I do not know of any other app. Try contacting Digoo and ask them to send it to you

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Q: What's the difference between mopping cloth and wet 'n dry cloth?

perguntado por christoforas sobre 2021-08-07 12:28:40

BG112039984 Wecan use the back of the two-piece cloth to wipe the floor dry after wet cleaning or we can use a one-piece cloth where the floor stays moist and dries itself over time (which also does not take more than a few minutes).

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christoforas 11/05/2021
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christoforas If you buy another brand's getaway device, it is very likely that it is compatible. I agree with the friend above that Xiaomi devices do not work with other brands

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