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Q: Aren't the 4 stock springs on 1603 or 1604 all the same size?

perguntado por BG155636189 sobre 2022-03-30 03:42:13

Bayn the front springs are shorter

2023-06-14 01:12:29 Útil (0)
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Gugman You have asked and answered your own questions and really looks like more of a personal observation than anything else.

2022-12-20 08:25:13 Útil (0)
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BG155636189 Sorry to hear. That's unacceptable. I luckily had no problem. I ordered before the December madness though. They're good batteries but not worth what you're going through. Good luck.

BG155636189 05/12/2021
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Q: how much battery current is needed?

perguntado por BG344793545 sobre 2021-12-09 08:42:41

BG155636189 I believe it's 9 amp...I use the astrolux 15amp 21700 and it's got plenty to get max power.

2021-12-16 06:46:09 Útil (0)
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BG155636189 For throwers if there's any fog, rain, snow etc in the air the 5000k cuts through better. Less reflection back (glare) from particles in the air. On a clear night the higher k will outperform lower k.

2021-12-02 08:51:06 Útil (2)
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