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Timotsc It is a brushless motor and you would need to add a speed controller, throttle and battery. The brand is baizifu and searching on the internet might bring up something. There is installation videos available.

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Q: brushed or brush-less motor???

perguntado por jakedogg87 sobre 2019-08-04 03:30:17

Timotsc This is definitely a brushless motor which I confirmed today by plugging in my electric powered model ESC. There are 3 wires coming from the motor only. A speed controller incl throttle and battery would have to be purchased to get it going.

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Q: How to connect to battery ? Where is + and -. Why three wires from motor ?

perguntado por vipone1 sobre 2019-08-25 03:12:00

Timotsc The motor you see is a brushless motor only. You need to purchase a brushless speed controller with throttle and a battery to get this going. Instructions on wiring should be with the controller you purchase.

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Timotsc The motor is just that, a brushless motor. You would need to purchase a brushless speed controller and throttle along with a battery.

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perguntado por jakedogg87 sobre 2019-08-11 08:48:33

Timotsc I can confirm today after playing round with my radio control model electronic gear that this is a brushless motor. You would need a speed controller and throttle purchased seperately to get it going along with a battery of course. The 3 wires that come from the motor would go to the speed controller.

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Timotsc Thelights I received were not so good. They were definitely not waterproof and just in the period of installing them one wire pulled off the printed circuit board inside. My guess is these will last a few years at best and will get corroded when water ingresses.

ponytail 2016-10-07 05:27:15
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