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BG388571412 the color its not important i Just need the components ALL right ?

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davidcherubin Arduino ide doesn't automatically have this board. You have to add it. You need to open Arduino IDE, choose File-->Preferences and then add this URL: arduino.esp8266.com(fwdslash)stable(fwdslas... Ver mais

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kosinduyakupitiya123 http://myosuploads3.banggood.com/products/20181127/20181127002111L293D.rar This is the link the sellor given us. I downloaded it, but the file type does not responded to my mobile. Please try this li... Ver mais

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Q: Hello. What needs to be set? Just set the current or.

perguntado por Attila sobre 2021-08-04 10:46:23

Tomxxr75 For me it works fine between about 0.8 - 1.1 A.

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