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  • 17/09/2017


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  • 01/11/2017

    Poor production control wich leads to defect products and banggood doesnt reply to my mail! €90 is trown away for a product that doesnt work! really sad -Right display is defect -Autoscan doesnt work -The display that works is to dark -Glitches from a distance of 10M -From time to time the display blinks black -Plastic around the nose is sharp All these above are production errors due to bad production control. Besides that the small FOV is claustrofobisch bad. bad FPV experience and NO service

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  • 16/09/2017

    I guess there are enough photos - so I skip this. Good: Image quality & resolution are really good. Brightness and contrast are great. Selecting bands/frequencies is simple. OSD of the goggles can be turned off. No relevant light from the side. The built in fan is in no way annoying. A real recenption test has to be done. I can see the picture of my FPV racer with original antennas even if I am behind the house of the neighbours (remember: Germans have brick houses). Goggles can be powered by the micro USB port. This is great as you can use the power bank of your cellphone (put it into your trousers and you are find). To be improved: The face-foam is much to think. The thickness is also detrimental to the sight to the glasses and decreases the size of the perceived image. Not a too big issue as this can be changed - the foam is attached with velcro. The glasses need to be positioned very prceisely. Otherwise you get dark bands at the edges. The IPD is max 128mm. To the Chinese developers: We are certainly not more clever than you in Europe but our heads are bigger :-) WRT the FoV: I can read the OSD of my racer without any issues. Every OSD pixel is sharp and recognizable. The perceived image is though not too big. When doing some trigonometry and compare it to the picture of my 40 inch TV, i guess the FoV is more 26 degrees than 28. Ideally it would be 32. In the end it is like looking at a 40 inch TV from 2.5 to 3 meters distance. P.S.: The receiver inside is already modular. You just soldered it to the goggle's PCB. Would have been so easy to have the receiver changeable.

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  • 28/05/2020

    Muito obrigado!

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  • 27/05/2020

    Bom item, envio rápido.

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  • 14/09/2017

    Fatshark killer? No but no Fatshark price either :) Best goggles in this price range? Definitely yes!! Replace the antennas for some decent ones and you got a really great goggles. And description on bang good say charger/USB cable not includit but it's in the box... So the cable is includit :)

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  • 17/09/2017

    good quality, VERY SMALL screen if your used to fatsharks or box type..

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  • 16/10/2017

    Excellent Goggles! Amazing device at incredible price. Eben the battery is great, which has a voltage level bar graph! Focus adjustment on each eyepiece produces excellent focus for my eyesight when adjusted to mid-range. I use +3.00 reading glasses otherwise, so the adjustment range is totally more than adequate. Diversity RF reception switches between antennas perfectly, tested by removing one antenna and relocating the headset observing the switchpoint and reception recovery. The cooling fan has on/off switch, they implemented a good idea. There is no noticeable fan noise at all. Anyone who says these googles are bad must be working for the competition as a shill or else they paid 3x too much for another brand! These googles are an eye-opener!

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  • 09/10/2017

    Ну что можно сказать. Других очков я никогда не пробовал, поэтому не могу сказать маленький он или совсем маленький. Экран 4/3, вижу я его полностью, глазам не надо бегать в углы чтобы что-то из osd прочитать. из-за толстой прокладки не могу сфокусировать оба экрана в один, если вжать очки, то все становится норм - надо видимо подрезать ее. Картинка четкая, есть настройка резкости. Один экранчик ходит в своем пазу когда его двигаешь для сведения, нужны уплотнители. По ощущениям - сидишь как в кинотеатре, ряд не могу назвать :) но где-то ближе к середине. Посмотрел позже в Fatshark HD3 - имхо там даже сильно большой экран. Ну и теперь я точно могу сказать что fov у EV100 совсем не маленький. На ютубе больше страху наводят. Конечно он мог бы быть и чуть больше, но как у hd3 точно не надо.

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  • 10/10/2017

    Mirando muchos vídeos por Youtube k la mayoría de los k los realizan son por k las tiendas les dan los productos gratis y no dicen la verdad solo miran sus intereses y los de dicha marca k les dan los productos gratuitos pues no me fío de sus impresiones dicho esto os daré mis impresiones ya k a mi nadie me da nada gratis. Es muy breve por debajo de 100 € son muy buenas gafas se ven bien yo utilizó progresivas y veo perfectamente con mis vr07 si las pongo. pantalla pekeña pero te acostumbras

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