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Paddyshopping 05/10/2023
Description was not clear: - what is meant with "touch"? - there is a USB-port present, but there is no import or export available that a computer or phone-image-app could understand. - it simply seems to be a flat piece of plastic, 2 layers of plastic with 'lights' in between, which as a whole device can simply or only be used as a backlight to put 2 sheets op paper on it so that you can use the upper piece of paper to drav over that which is drawn or printed on the bottom piece of paper. So it is a low tech device with USB-connection only to supply power for the lights that are present inside the largely-see-through-tablet. So all in all, it is a much lower-tech device than I thought that it was based on the desriptions of the promoted/advertised device. And for that, I find it too expensive. E9-E16 range is what i would think is acceptable / worth the money for this device. So question for Banggood: are you going to give me any form of compensation for selling me a product with unclear and or misleading information and me therefore NOT getting what i wanted and what I was prepared to pay for? [namely a tablet on which can be drawn and via a USB cable or something like a TF-card, there could be import and export capabilities with this drawing concerning what is drawn on it and/or what is displayed on it. For other users/readers of this product review: simply know that this product turns out to be a double layered flat tablet [with lights in between the 2 flat pieces of plastic] and it has a usb-port to which you NEED to put a cable in in order to deliever constant electricity for the light, since this tablet does NOT have any internal patttery storage. So the image is also misleading in that it shows the tablet being used to draw WITHOUT a constant cable in it that is needed to provide light. Suggetion also for Banggood: make + post with the informatino of thir product, a short like 20-30 sec video in which you can see how this device is used + a spv
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