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davroskellogs Noyou need to buy the sensorless brushless motor and speed control and the brushless programmer unit ,which they sell, called the brushless programmer unit

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Q: Is the ESC Waterproof?

perguntado por dbrogan sobre 2019-10-20 10:33:27

davroskellogs Notas far as i know !

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davroskellogs ifyou mean will it work with other recievers, no, as it comes with its own 6 channel reciever, the one i ordred also came with a built in gyro, which is ace for the price and the transmitter is really well made.

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davroskellogs Bought`Servo` for gear change on "HG402 rc kit", after buying a HSP 305 3 Channel Transmitter,now can have on the go low to high gear change on on my HG402 4wd Rock crawler,thanks Banggood.

davroskellogs 17/06/2019
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Q: What is that number (13-45) in the product selection?

perguntado por realblades sobre 2019-08-06 10:02:29

davroskellogs 35turnmotor

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