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Q: Is the differential wheel metal or plastic ?

perguntado por BG411646422 sobre 2021-10-18 02:52:16

jayjay It's all metal inside and outside. There is actually no differential here, it's just an axle shaft with a crown gear, so acting like a locked differential

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Q: are these beadlock wheels?

perguntado por jayjay sobre 2021-09-25 06:07:28

BG353944189 No they are not beadlock rims

2021-09-25 11:41:02 Útil (1)
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Q: hello I have a c24 does this use stock esc?

perguntado por BG483342555 sobre 2021-09-17 01:44:31

jayjay Yes it does fit with the stock esc. May need to cut the body a little bit (inside the battery tray) to fit it, though, as the top part protrudes into the body a little. Works best with metal driveshafts, may not be compatible with the stock plastic ones

2021-09-17 02:13:51 Útil (1)
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Q: will it fit 9g servo??

perguntado por BG453754316 sobre 2021-08-12 10:59:17

jayjay for steering I use a 17g servo without any issues. you can mount the servo on the top or bottom side of the servo tray, depending on the build. I built a WPL C54 on it with the servo on the bottom side of the tray.

2021-08-13 12:14:40 Útil (1)
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Q: what upgraded electronics do i need to run this on a B36?

perguntado por Rulygem0097 sobre 2021-07-16 10:55:34

jayjay should work with stock electronics

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