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Burtezz 01/09/2018
I was looking for a BT-headphones for my TV. My budget was about 100 to 150 euro and I try to get the best sound quality for the budget. After a few beers I had the brilliant idea to check banggood. I found the Bluedio T headset. Reviews saying decent build quality and good sound. The price was low so value must be high! Shipping went awesome (<1 week from CN to NL). I test my headsets with Bohemian Rapsody (Queen) and some static frequency clips. To check balance between left/right balance, speech, bass, mids and highs. Findings: - Bass (piano) a bit too high / speach too low. Minor imbalance no big issue. - Between low base and mid (50hz - 200hz) , there is a dip in amplification. - When I compensated via equalizer, the volumes got even more distorted. I dont know why or how (future review content). - According to my test setup; the frequency is a bit off from what it's supposed to generate. (no big issue, the error could also come from my test setup, check pictures) (testsetup was very easy; youtube "frequency test" combined with a sound frequency registration app on phone. phone mic in/on headset during playback.) Mic-sound quality is standard. When connected to laptop via bluetooth you have two "playback devices" to select; one stereo headphone an done headset. when you enable headset the soundquality drops significantly. ANC is a nice gimmick, but DONT buy this headphone for ANC features. It distorts the sound quality very much as well. Charging and battery; the battery is about 500mAh and is fully built in. Charge takes about 3 hours; USB powered 5V 0,3A. I have not measured the amount of wireless playback time. Comfort is high; the headband feels strong and has a broad range. The earcushions are a little bit small (and I have small ears!). The worst thing about comfort is that the earcushions are artificial leather which, after 30 minutes of wearing results in sweaty ears. Build quality is very decent! All shiny parts are metal (aluminium) with exception of left and right earshells. It feels sturdy. Handles well. Finished detailes etc. Accesoires; it comes with two cables (without power-USB-charger) and a bag. - I think it is smart they do not put in a USB-adapter, since I prefer to have all my wallsocket to be very decent and no "cheap additional accessoire". - The bag feels very luxurious but it is a bit too small (!) I dont use it. - The 3,5" jack - USB-C cable is a bit short for e.g. using it as computer headset. - The USB cable is a flat cable, easy to untangle, very decent cable. Pricing is very low, therefore with all the negative points it is still a good value buy. Attached youll find a few pictures: - out of the box picture - charging picture - small bag - frequency (6kHz) - Frequency (19kHz)
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