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Q: What are the materials that can be printed on in multiple colors?

perguntado por alustora sobre 2024-03-04 07:03:42

tflorian Pour faire plusieurs couleur il faut couper plusieurs couche de bois coloré et les mettre ensemble (un laser coupe par brulure ou bruni la matière, pas de couleur comme sur la photo)

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Cheerful the quantity is optional, choose what you need

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Q: Looks great but there is no info about the max temperature produce by the furnace.

perguntado por fabriceeischen sobre 2020-08-16 03:32:08

tflorian not sure .. But on product 1682618 this product is described as "3KG gold melting furnace with shield net" and on this other product it's seems to be 1100°C (for 220V version) - but no data about the power on the other one :'-( Both have the same volume (3Kg gold)

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Q: are these rings from lord of the rings?

perguntado por nespace sobre 2019-09-06 03:13:42

tflorian according description it should : "2 x Rings"

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Q: are the pixels connected in the array or do they need to be wired?

perguntado por rich sobre 2019-01-01 03:38:28

tflorian RanTalbott is true "they need to be wired" and one by one (have a look on the back of one "pixel" and user pictures ... ) -> This way you can "chose" the usage : Nice If you need an array have a look on 1209750 product for example (8*32cm or 16*16cm -> 256 Pixels )

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Q: Is a updated version ?

perguntado por thomas sobre 2019-09-02 12:46:17

tflorian This version is FHD -> the LCD is "1080p" -> resolution is better than the 1st version (1080P = 1920x1080 pixels) In fact XY is 57μm (1080p) the 1st generation has only 100μm (HD) The working area is a bit bigger for this one : 110mm*61.8mm*125mm Build Volume (Old = 98*55*125mm build volume) this version is "bluthooth complient" (see description & videos)

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tflorian apparently you should have a silver ball (from ball bearing ?) on the to of the motor ..(see picture)one last thing : For me I don't understand how this motor can spin ... for outdoor usage - For indoor usage you have to put the light source in "the right place" Florian

TERRY 03/07/2018
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