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Q: How many hours can light the leds with this battery?

perguntado por DragonBall sobre 2021-11-22 07:58:34

TensinHan If You use the power saving function, the leds will be lights the whole night...

2021-11-22 08:12:28 Útil (1)
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Q: What is the type of the battery?

perguntado por Anett sobre 2021-11-22 07:50:34

TensinHan It is not known, I didn't find a replacement option, so I cannot check it...

2021-11-22 08:07:34 Útil (0)
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TensinHan 21/10/2021
Blitzwolf TS6 2-In-1 Foldable Multi-Angle Desktop Phone Holder Fill Light Stand Multiple Color Temperature Brightness Adjustable 1000mAh High Capacity Table Lamp - Black This is a very practical item, we can use it in a lot of way: - Mobile Phone holder - it can hold and light up our smart phone. We can also hold the phone in "active" or "inactive" mode. - Picture holder - it can also hold and light up our favourite pictures all of the night. - Desk lamp - we can use it as desk light in our night desk. It comes with a 'micro USB to USB' cable, so we can connect it to any USB port and when it is fully charged, it can be light all of the night, thanks to it's strong 1000 mAH rechargeable battery. As I can see the battery is not replaceable (maybe built in) and for this reason I couldn't check it's capacity. We can also set the intensity of the light (it has 46pcs led lights - 23 - 23 warm and cold light) and the type of the light: warm white, neutral white and cold light (2000 - 5000 k). We can install it to anywhere, because we can transform it according to the environment, it fits on Night desk, TV desk, Kitchen desk, Work desk, on a Shelf in the Living room or on the top of a cabinet. If we don't want to use it for a while, we can easily fold it, it will take very small place... and when we change our mind and want to use it again, we just pick up and fold it to the desired shape. The "on" and "off" button is the same, we can push it for 2 seconds and it will automatically turn to "on" or "off" mode. It has a battery status indicator on the top of the light, so we can check the health of the battery anytime. I has an anti-slip material on the bottom of the product, so the chance of the slipping of the item is very minimal. Overall: practical, good quality product with an acceptable price, we can use it for many activities. I recommend it for everyone, who has a smart phone and/or has a lot of pictures on the shelf in the living room.
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TensinHan I connected 4 sets to one adapter, so I have a string of 20 tubes, it works well with one adapter!

2021-10-20 07:39:46 Útil (0)
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