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aurelian 31/08/2022
Very happy with the price, got it for around 13 USD on sale. I was really excited about this sonoff device: 6 different buttons, with three actions on each one?? How brilliant is that?! And can be used as a remote, not necesarily mounted on a wall? Great promises! However, reality is a bit disappointing. The most unpleasant part is that the device does not sit flat on the table. With the mounting plate on, the corners are raised almost 2 mm above the table, so you can imagine that pressing on any button will make it rock around annoyingly. Sonoff should have been more careful with the manufacturing process. Without the mounting plate it is better, but still not perfect. At least one corner sits in the air about 1 mm and the device still rocks when pressing buttons. Then there is not a single dot or any other indication of which button is no. 1, so if you use it around the house you must use the sticky labels provided or it gets annoying really fast from not knowing what button you're actually pressing. A raised dot on button no. 1 would have been ideal, I would have been able to tell which is what even in the dark. I use it to switch lights on and off, so how do I see the labels when the lights are off and I want them on?! Maybe on the next iteration they will correct it, but for now it is a bit frustrating as it is.An LED does light up when I press any button, but I would have liked the button travel to be longer. An older person can barely feel they have pressed it or not. It's almost like a mouse button, that's how small the travel is. You don't expect that in a large sized remote.
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