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Noel This card is designed to switch off the laser when a high signal is on the pwm connection and low for high power which is the reverse of the EleksMaker laser. There is a control board that has both types of pwm connections -pwm low_off, high_on (the red connection) and also pwm low_on. high_off (the white connection) both able of course to control power between off and full on as a pwm action. The board has "CAMTOOL CNC V3.3" on it. An additional thing to note is the sequence of +12 volt, pwm and ground on the boards is different than the laser with pwm and ground reversed. You can carefully use a pin to release the individual wire ends and switch the sequence in the cable end to place in the controller board. The two boards look very similar except for the additional connection and both accept the optional offline controller. When you use your computer with say LaserGRBL software you must disconnect the offline controller as the two do not work together but both have their uses.

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