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BG338361537 I had send a video but I guess you never received it. how do I send the video so you can see what the servos do and do not do. Now I have one more of the servos that failed.

BG338361537 01/04/2021
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BG167141147 There is a lot of software that works with the Ender 3 Pro. The software just needs to generate G-code that is read of the SDcard by the printer. Most software that generates G-code works with the Ender 3 Pro, because the printer is Open Source and the information required for the software is freely available. There is a lot of free software out there that you can use for the printer. A copy of the Creality version of the Slicer software is on the SDcard that is supplied with the printer. My favourite software at the moment is Ultimate Cura. It is free and works very well with the printer. I also use a Raspberry Pi with Octopi running on it, to monitor the printer remotely. Octopi is amazing and free. I use Linux as my main OS and therefore have not bothered to look at Windows software.

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TinyCutie Battery size: 2.6×1.6x0.5cm

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