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Keith 28/08/2020
A good projector for the price. There is a tripod mount at the bottom of the projector and leather strap handle. The power cable is 1.35m long. To fill my screen (1.80m x 1.00m) I have to set the projector 2.50m away from the screen. I set up on a Tripod approximately 1.4m high from the ground. There is no keystone correction. So you have to raise the projector to the correct height. There is no zoom or wide angle, only a focus lens. The screen is bright enough to use in daytime with curtains closed, but in darkness it looks much better. The remote needs 2 x AAA batteries. Batteries are not included. The battery compartment opening is not very good - it feels cheap that you have to pry it open. The clips will eventually break. Sometimes the buttons will double press when only pressed once. So the menu will skip from the correct selection. Otherwise the remote is ok. The screen menu is basic. The picture quality is OK for the price. There are a few dead pixels in my screen. There also looks like some screen artifacts or dust on the inside of the lens that I cannot clean without opening the lens. Despite the dead pixels and dust/hairs on the inside, the picture quality is pretty good. When using microSD card or USB to play files with subtitles, the built in subtitle font is ugly. There are some encoded files that it cannot seem to play audio when using the microSD or USB input. The only way around is to play from external source and use casting device or HDMI. The built in speaker is ok for a small room, not as tinny as some cheap projectors, but not much bass. It can also can operate as a bluetooth speaker as well (bluetooth only in receiver mode, not transmitter mode). There is output for headphones at the back. The built in fan can be noisy in quiet scenes, but otherwise the built in speaker does a good job. There is HDMI, a microSD card slot, a USB slot and AV inputs. I have only tested HDMi, microSD card and USB slot.
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