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Q: Whats size are these? I need longer ones?

perguntado por Rixxxxx sobre 2021-02-04 10:29:51

Robocog Mine arrived, and the same length as the stock ones (not any longer at all) Look at the ball end... - the one in the calipers in the images may be longer, but has a pear shaped ball end .....and not what I received the ones I got are same as stock driveshafts and have a rounded ball end, so a waste of money if you already have stock ones and need longer ones look elsewhere

2021-02-05 05:56:32 Útil (1)
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Q: When I turn Left on Controller my Car is turning right. How can I change This?

perguntado por BG563357372 sobre 2020-12-22 03:01:14

Robocog Mine came like this also I opened up the car and reversed the 2 wires going to the steering motor It worked for a while - but now the car does not respond fast to controller input (sad as we were starting to really enjoy it) I have shown a video of what mine is doing on youtube vG98ZRodRUU Does yours also have rubber tyres not foam? (mine has, and they do leave marks on the kitchen floor- I wanted foam tyres and assumed they all were - like in the pictures)

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