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B_L1996 if the motor has a coil voltage of 230V and is wired in star configuration (400V), you can wire it to delta configuration and have it work perfectly.

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B_L1996 just ride eco mode, i've seen people on unlimited Wolf King GT Pro+ who didnt get busted or nothing..

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Q: zijn er ook voorwaarden ,aan verbonden om op de weg te fietsen.

perguntado por BG164534223 sobre 2021-12-28 03:06:29

B_L1996 zolang deze niet gelimiteerd is tot 25kmh moet deze als speed pedelec ingeschreven worden

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Q: In photo I saw 2000 mA At the discription you write 4000 mA Which is true?

perguntado por AggelosGiorpalidis sobre 2021-04-03 02:25:09

B_L1996 @Tog2112 no in parallel would give 3.7V 4000mAh because you've got double the capacity however 7.4V 2000mAh is the same capacity in Wh as 3.7V 4000mAh

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B_L1996 So i guess you turned A up to max? if you did yours might be defective I have 3 PSU's of this type and brand without any issues so it's sad to see a defective one tho (2x 30V 10A and 1x 60V 5A), but DOA's can happen. I've had mine for some time now and they all work fine tho

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Q: can I wire the system I don't want to use or even have that 5 g crap?

perguntado por robertcoppola sobre 2022-04-12 08:15:00

B_L1996 Yes you can, it has ethernet connectors, but you'll need to put a cable from each one separately to the receiver (not through your normal router, but directly to the receiver)

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B_L1996 Yes but you need to wire up each cable separately to the receiver, you shouldn't plug them in on a regular router, the cams have ethernet ports and the receiver has 4 of them so that should be fine tho.

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B_L1996 04/04/2022
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Q: does it show carat weight of the gem stone ?

perguntado por BG184841451 sobre 2020-12-17 04:40:48

B_L1996 only the weight in 0.01 gram accuracy

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Q: does it has bluetooth/wifi built in it?

perguntado por BG134181652 sobre 2021-06-09 04:05:11

B_L1996 No it does not, it is literally a small Arduino Leonardo with only those features.

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Q: è orbitale o rotorbitale??

perguntado por Camba sobre 2022-02-21 09:33:14

B_L1996 Orbital but it will just spin around on high RPM if not applied to workpiece constantly which can take a big piece out if you're not careful!

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