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lgmhaggai27 i would like to know where this is please i still do nto have it you delivered me a fucking mixmaster instead i mean one looks nothing like the other so i want my MINI CNC Router NOW PLEASE your fauilt you fix it or i will find somewhere else to purchase the rest of my goods from i have 3 things now that have not turned up or you cannot supply instructions on how toi use them i do not want a refund i want the gear i ordered and i want what i have got working please the other prders that have not turned up 91435189 soldering station, ofcourse this CNC MILL and my first thing i ever bought off of you the moni diy laser machinne 75193886 again this i cannot download the sodtware because it is a phishing virus so please i am getting sick of your non deliveries i mean i how can i recommend you when you cannot even fix me up, oh thier is other stuff i am worried about to a phone i ordered and paid for as i have all of this stuff a microscope well to me it is a soldering pad not that that is here or there but it is something i have a Tacho 2 temp gaiges and a few other small items i am worried that none of them will turn up i mean with that milling machine i ordered a lot of tooling with it that's all here but NO BLOODY MILLING MACHINE LEONARD GARY MILLER +61405259109 +61380862570 MOBILE AND LANDLINE

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